Photo Gallery
Antique sleigh and music center.
We kept much of the original furniture of the Inn, but we have
introduced some new pieces acquired in connection with our
numerous travels abroad.
This was once a dog house; now it would be a
lucky dog who uses this quiet oasis. We are
always adding new places to sit and enjoy the
quiet rural beauty surrounding the Inn.
The garden is always looking fine during the spring and
summer, we love watching it grow as well as experimenting
with different types of local and imported varieties. The
grounds change with every visit and season since we
frequently add to our sprawling hobby.
Whether it's rain or shine, there is always somewhere to sit
and take in the scenery (or a good book from the library).
The Dining room with an
afternoon tea setting.
One of many different paintings
and art pieces
Teddy Bear tea party in the Carriage
house upper level
A view from the front lawn looking from the
south-west corner
antique furniture around the Inn.