Luxurious home on 31.5 acres of rolling farm land dedicated to providing
sanctuary for the weary traveler.  The classic 1860s Italianate Villa features three
elegant rooms each with a private en suite bath plus a 2 bedroom suite featuring
a sitting room, private bath and satellite television.  Other amenities of the
Cherry Creek Inn include a mystery tower filled with board games, a leafy
conservatory, the English style pub room, carriage house special events facility,
3,500 volume Victorian library, club house with summer lawn games, exercise
room and a pavilion with hot tub surrounded by undulating terraced gardens.  
This retreat for those seeking quiet relaxation is enhanced with generous amounts
of good local food for hearty breakfasts and Ambrosia teas.  A wonderful oasis
for intellectual or physical pursuits or just relaxing.  For those guests interested in
the Spiritualist movement, the Cherry Creek Inn is located approximately 15
minutes from Lily Dale.  For those who need access to the wider world, we have
Wi-Fi also.  A guest described it as: - "Like staying in a Victorian sea captain's
house -- full of treasures collected on distant voyages."

~Events & New Amenities~

Massage Therapy
(at or near the Cherry Creek Inn)
Robin Colvin, Licensed Massage Therapist
specializing in: stress relief, pain reduction and relaxation
Contact: or (716) 679-8800

~Tours & Lectures~

Our good friend and collaborator on old-order Amish, Carol Lorenc, has moved
away.  However, we still have AMISH TRAIL brochures for self-guided tours
including detailed maps using GIS and GPS technology with 150 stops at Amish
Businesses prepared by the Cattaraugus County Department of Economic
Development, Planning and Tourism.  The brochures are also available at: or by phoning 800-331-0543.  We can assist you in shopping for
quilts & other Amish crafts as well as homemade bread, maple syrup, jams,
candies, and other delights!  (So that you are not disappointed, note that Amish
businesses usually accept only cash or checks and are closed on Sundays.)  The
perfect complement to visiting Amish country and observing farming as it was
practiced in the 1800s is an AMISH STYLE LUNCHEON in the Carriage House at
the Inn, which also includes a tour of the George N. Frost House built during the
American Civil War. The home cooked luncheon features Amish recipes for
succulent baked chicken, coleslaw & macaroni/potato salad and wonderful breads
and pies prepared by our own Amish baker.  The luncheons cost $15.00 per
ADVANCE.  We will also share Carol’s extensive research on our old-order Amish

April & May trips to AMISH GREENHOUSES (maps provided) may conclude with
a SPRING TEA at The Inn.  The lovely 3-course tea and walk through the
beautiful gardens is a great way to transition from the long winter!  The cost is
$20.00 per person, is limited to 6 guests, and REQUIRES RESERVATIONS

Retreat to the country for HOLIDAY SHOPPING in November & December.  
Great foodstuffs are plentiful at the Amish Baked Goods Stands and Cheese
Factory.  Unique, handcrafted gifts from toys to rugs are available from the
Amish shops and Village emporiums.  HOLIDAY TRAIN THEMED LUNCHEON
(with the model train running as part of the centerpiece) includes Erie RR
Chicken, Patty's Scalloped Potatoes, The Squire's Corn Fritters, GNF Apple
Compote. Long Island RR Bread and Butter Pickles, and Royal Blue Line Pie.

Lectures and Seminars

“How to Conduct Local Research” Study the local history including an in-depth
introduction to the Frost family from 1823, researched by local Cherry Creek
Town Historian, Sharon Howe Sweeting.  Learn about the agrarian life in the 19th
century and visit the Town of Cherry Creek Museum located in a deconsecrated
Catholic Church for a review of local research materials and the unique history of
the Town.

“Italianate Villa Architecture”   Detailed discussion of unique features of the
Italianate Villa style of architecture and its popularity in the rural landscape
promoted by pattern books  by A.J. Downing and Hobbs.  Examples abound in
Chautauqua County:  in Cassadaga, Chautauqua, Cherry Creek, Dunkirk,
Forestville, Fredonia, Gerry, Jamestown (Fenton Museum), Kennedy, Stockton
and Westfield; most are identified by Jewel Helen Conover in “19th Century
Houses in Western New York.”

“Search for ‘Other’ Architectural Styles”   Scavenger hunt of architectural forms in
the surrounding area including a covered bridge, geodesic dome house, restored
1870 Bandstand on a village green, and twin towers. Best conducted with
competing teams.

“Gardens at the Inn”   Introduction to the Gardens of the Cherry Creek Inn
created from 2006-2009 by Country-side Landscape Borders of Cattaraugus
County, owned and operated by Kirk Brumagin.   Presented by his wife and
garden designer Kristy, she will discuss maintaining and trimming the northern
gardens (1992), uncovering original gardens on the eastern side and designing
new gardens with a blank palette to incorporate undulating walk ways and the
changing seasons.  All plant materials were provided by Roberts Nursery in
Kennedy, NY.

“Who Lived in this House?”   Fascinating version of “If these Walls Could Talk”.  
Typical of houses over a hundred years old, the George Nelson Frost House has
had a checkered history populated by many colorful characters after the Frosts
moved away in 1900.  What was the original floor plan?  Was the architect Aaron
Hall who lived locally and designed the Fenton House Museum in Jamestown?  
How long was it a tenant farm?  Who was the lady who lined the tower stairs
with bones?  Who is the ghost?   How many from the community lived here in
how many apartments?    Help find the answers to some of these questions.
Cherry Creek Inn and Abbey Farms partner to host
guests and horses alike!

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